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"CVL Consultants of Colorado, Inc., has used Accurate Core Drilling to set control monuments in range boxes for subdivisions and major street intersections and have been very pleased with the results. The time saved with using one company to handle the core drilling and setting of the range box is well worth it and the finished product looks great. If anyone needs to set a monument(s) in range boxes, look up Accurate Core Drilling, they are set up to handle the job. Accurate Core Drilling is the surveyor's best friend"

- Director of Survey Services, CVL Consultants of Colorado, Inc.


"We have worked with many core drilling firms in the past. Accurate has set the bar so high in terms of responsiveness, work quality and professionalism that other core drilling firms simply cannot compete. Once our monument location is marked, Accurate comes in, cores out the pavement surface, we set our monument, and they place the range box over [the] monument, complete with quality pavement patching for a seamless product. I feel confident recommending Accurate Core Drilling to any and all survey companies for their monument products."

- Jesse Klabunde, Senior Project Surveyor, HCL Engineering & Surveying.

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