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Accurate Core Drilling, Inc.  provides everything you need when installing range box canisters.  Including in our installation is labor and materials to drill the holes, install the range box canister, and patching/traffic control if needed.   

Accurate has been working with Surveyors for over 15 years who provide identified points of installation and utilizing our specialized equipment capable of drilling in multiple surface terrain.  Accurate Core Drilling  can drill multiple holes in a short amount of time. The surveyor can be on site to set the monuments as the holes are drilled, and as soon as the monument is set, Accurate sets the range box and patches the hole. Scheduled at the surveyor's convenience requiring a small amount of time.

Accurate Core Drilling will do its best to accommodate needs for clients with difficult installations or a special requests.  Whether it be an installation in dirt, removal of a car axle used as a range point, or removal of rebar that is exposed in the street.  Contact  Accurate Core Drilling for your proposal today!

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